How to Set Up ModernMS [with links]

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How to Set Up ModernMS [with links]

Post  Ninjette on Sun Feb 12, 2012 1:03 pm

Here's how to set up ModernMS!

  1. Download and install v83, which you can get here. If you already have another v83 pserver on your computer, you can make a new folder for ModernMS and copy the contents of the other v83 into it, just make sure that there are no custom files in there.
  2. Download the custom .wz files for ModernMS, located here.
  3. Extract the 2 custom .wz files using WinZip.
  4. Place the extracted Item.wz and Charatcer.wz files into your ModernMS v83 folder, replacing the two that were in there.
  5. Download the ModernMS client, from [url=null]here[/url].
  6. Put the client into your ModernMS v83 folder, double-click, and start playing!

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