Oh hello there Fleshy Humans.

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Oh hello there Fleshy Humans. Empty Oh hello there Fleshy Humans.

Post  Broken Promises on Mon Feb 13, 2012 12:58 am

Hello Everyone!

Even though I know most of you, My name is Chris, you may call me Chris(cwhatididthur). I'm 16, and Asian. I'm an Athiest, I love music, and talking to people. I enjoy long walks on the beach, at sunset with Michelle. AND I'M NOT GAY.

Now here's a quote from my favorite poem:
"Fuck you all" - just kidding

Real Quote: "You bastards, You can't hate me! I Gave You Life" Broken Promises By David Kirby

PS. I LIKE COOKIES, Diella stole all of mine though, that meanie-pants :c

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